Recently, we have had the pleasure of making an installation at the University of Trinidad and Tobago

There we installed our:

Hydrostatic Pressure Unit (FME08) that allows to study the center of pressures with a partially or totally submerged quadrant.

Metacentric Height Demonstration Unit (FME11)that allows the study of the stability of a floating object by calculating its metacentric height.

Flow Visualization in Channels Unit (FME09) that allows the visualization of liquid spillage phenomena in weirs and the study of objects submerged in a fluid stream (aerodynamics).

Sediment Transport Demonstration Channel (CAS), that allows demonstration of the full range of bedforms that arise in a mobile bed as the slope and / or flow are increased.

Computer Controlled Series/Parallel Pumps Bench (PBSPC), that was designed to demonstrate the operational advantages of parallel or series operation, depending on the required duty.

Computer Controlled Flow Channels (CFC)

It is always a pleasure to be able to return to this university to install our units. We expect the students can learn a lot with them. Thanks for trusting us!