C-ID Interactive Panel



The interactive panels are designed to provide teachers with a tool to create interactive and attractive learning environments. These panels incorporate different teaching tools and internet connectivity.

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General Description

The Interactive Panel, "C-ID", has been designed especially for the classroom and offers an intuitive user experience thanks to the unified menu, it is simple, fast and easy to navigate to the most commonly used applications, contents and resources by assigning the interface and icons to the teacher’s natural line of sight and to ergonomic use. This includes the Instant Whiteboard application, which encourages collaboration without the need to connect to a computer and allows for interactive and engaging lessons on an infinite canvas.

Recognizing the importance of the writing experience, a writing technology has been developed to provide a natural and accurate writing experience.

The built-in Android™ 8 operating system offers new levels of speed, security and reliability, while enhanced wireless updates reduce the time and effort required for software and firmware upgrades. All of the included software, applications and platform services have been specifically designed with innovation and continuous improvements in mind, ensuring that the investment made today will be worthwhile in the future. The software includes a number of applications that are essential for optimal product performance and also allows for the download of a wide variety of other educational applications.



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