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Know How



Modern design: 

Due to our 100% OWN DESIGN we are improving and designing new units continuously.

- We use only top quality components, always available in any country.

- Precise drawing, as all stainless steel plates and bars are cut by LASER.

- Aesthetically pleasing along with all the safety protections to avoid injury. 


Units design: 

- GREY anodized aluminum for the structure.

- Own EDIBON profiles.

- BLUE color for all plates. BLUE color embellisher.

- RED covers.


Electronic interfaces design:

- Box with the process diagram on front.

- Own controllers inside.


Software design:  

- Own design.

- LABVIEW structure.

- Nice and precise results.


Diagrams design:

- Same diagrams in front panel, interface, all software and manuals.

- INTUITIVE ALLOCATION: ALL EDIBON UNITS have the easiest allocation to allow the students following the circuits easily.