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About us

Who we are

Who we are



To provide superb modern technological tools for a quick and easy understanding. Effective training by quick and clear acquired concepts by students.


Real but modified industrial processes, explaining the most complicated parts of any process such as Electronics and Software. Our units utilize components which are used in true industry, but with full students protections.


To use modern and advanced EDIBON Teaching Technics in order for engineers and technicians to learn an EASIER WAY than any other instructive method for all engineering disciplines. Totally customer and industry oriented, and 100% satisfaction guaranteed



1978. Family business founded in Madrid. SPAIN.

1985. First export to Mexico.

1986. Started our own manufacturing range.

1987. Moved the headquarters to C/ San José, 13, Alcorcón (400m2).

2005. Opened our first branch in Atlanta (Georgia), USA: EDIBON USA, LLC.

2008. Moved to our current headquarters in Agua, 14 Leganés. (6,000m2).

2014. Acquired 15,000 m2 in Móstoles Technological Park (Madrid) to build our new facilities.

2016. Starting building new 30,000 mmodern factory at Móstoles Technological Park.

Nowadays we manufacture and export to 150 countries worldwide.



120 highly qualified professionals with more than 50 top qualification engineers

… all at your service!